Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “I speak both to your heart and your mind. The reason I point this out is that too many of you are overfocused on intellectual prowess while lending little attention to the needs of their heart.  

“Absolute Truth appeals jointly to your thinking and feeling processes. Therein lies the mystery of creation. A merely intellectual creation could never satisfy the profound longings of the soul to be cocooned in Love—the primal creative impulse of the Divine. 

 “Certainly, intellectual insights are valuable to make sense of the fundamental laws and principles that govern your existence. Yet, all the knowledge in the world cannot bring about bliss and happiness. It can satisfy the mental curiosity but fails to fulfill the cravings of the heart.

 “The heart longs to experience the apex of emotions—its emotional Promise Land. It has been conceived to be both their receptacle and conduit. They cannot be mentally summoned but have to be ‘heartfelt’—by firsthand experience, not hearsay or proxy.  

 “Eventually, once your heart has grown in its emotional capacity, it will automatically filter your intellectual knowledge, acting as its reliable processor. Anything of the light will be identified as such and pursued, while anything devoid of light will be discarded as irrelevant.

 “Come to Me whenever you need My assistance in these matters of the heart.”