Oregon, US of A
Friday, May 6, 2016

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, the thought came to your mind that so many human hearts have been slammed shut due to difficult personal experiences that act like the lemon drop causing an oyster to instantly withdraw in its protective shell. Due to the dysfunction and immaturity rampant on this planet, many hurts are intentionally or unconsciously inflicted onto others.  Greed is another powerful adverse influence to the Highest Good as it drives an individual to--so to speak--pull the whole family blanket to his side of the bed, leaving his siblings to shiver in the cold while the blanket is large enough to provide warmth to everyone.

“Many human parents fail to display the selfless love that they have been meant to role model for their little ones.  Many families are broken and children are raised without the balancing influence of a father or a mother. 

“Yet, in His Wisdom, the Father ensured that His Love Substance would eternally stream from Paradise to infuse All That Is.  It is at all times available to all; yet, it requires an opening of the hearts in order to receive it.  The Father will NEVER force His Love on anyone as Love is a free Gift and only gifts received with gratitude are worth being given.  They are otherwise be discarded, unopened and unacknowledged. 

“If you strive to open your heart, there are many “heart openers” available to you.  Hearts instinctively respond to the perception of Beauty.  By turning your awareness to beautiful sights, beautiful emotions will rise in your being and smoothly unlock the door of your heart.  Goodness has the same effect:  an act of kindness “goes straight to the heart.”  Truth equally “strikes the heart chords.” 

“The heart has been intended to function as a beautiful musical instrument and to join in the cosmic philharmonics.  An open heart expands and reaches out.  It has the ability to harmonize itself with other love-filled hearts.  When it is deeply moved, it expresses beautiful songs of gratitude and such sincerity is felt all over the universes as it is in perfect alignment with the Great Symphony—devoid of any discordance. 

“As you go through your day, focus on Truth, Beauty, and Goodness and take inventory of your state of mind at the end of the day.  You will unfailingly witness for yourself that your heart has come alive.  You will start experiencing “feel-good emotions” and as you persevere in this healing practice, you will eventually lose any interest in dwelling on the negatives of your life as they do not deserve any credit.  This will result in a peaceful mind and a cheerful heart.”