Oregon, US of A
Monday, February 10, 2020


Thought Adjuster: “You asked Me to address the topic of Emotional Crucifixion.  The pain and anguish intentionally inflicted by some individuals unto others—of their species or the animal kingdom—can be utterly barbaric.

“Up to these ‘modern’ days, some darkened and callous souls still relish in perpetrating unspeakable atrocities. Such hardened bullies get high in subjecting others to humiliating ‘emotional crucifixions.’  Not only was Jesus flogged and nailed on a wooden cross, but he was also spat upon, mocked and ridiculed—these abject behaviors targeted his emotional fortitude. 

“How do you respond when you are ‘emotionally’ mistreated?  Do you kick and scream?  Or do you find it within yourself to maintain your self-control and intercede for your tormentors as Jesus did while in intense agony?  What a testimony of the authenticity of His love it was when He cried out, “Father, please forgive them, as they do not know what they are doing”!

“Which impact do you think such a selfless prayer would make on a Divine Heart mostly besieged with petty petitions for retaliation and punishment? 

“Whenever you feel emotionally crucified, be inspired by Jesus’ noble attitude.  Forgive those who are too ignorant to acknowledge your worth as a child of God.  Pray for their spiritual awakening, as IT may put them at the starting gate of their spiritual career.  Do not add to the sorry package of grievances by retaliating in kind—unkindly.  Instead, bedazzle them with your emotional resilience.  They surely do not expect that you have it in you to emotionally ‘transcend’ the severity of their emotional abuse by absorbing its shock and transmuting its impact into noble emotions.”