“Hello Father! Can You hear me? It has been such a long time since I last spoke with You. 

Hello! I cannot hear You. The connection is bad. There must be some static on the line.


Hello! Please do not hang up! I’ve got to reach You! Does it help if I raise my voice? I guess that Your heavenly switchboard is about to explode due to the many incoming calls… or not?


Hello! I find it nice that You pick up whenever I feel like calling, while I am so often absent that I miss Your calls; my answering machine is of no use.


I can always call You at the night tariff and never do You check Your watch in spite of my shallow monologues. Politely, patiently, and ever lovingly, You listen to my ramblings even though Your time is so precious! Yet, You always make some for me as if I were Your only foreign correspondent… and there are so many of us!


Sometimes, You even dial my number and wait until I answer. But too often, I cannot understand Your language—the language of the heart—, and I hang up impatiently with the conviction that it was a misdial. 


Hello Father! I can hear You so much better now. There were parasites on the line.”


“Hello My child! I am thrilled we touch base and so very happy for the time you dedicate Me. You are so busy, and your head is filled with so many things – sometimes too many. Yet, today, you remember My existence! Sometimes I feel like a long lost relative—still a relationship of sorts.


And you call Me in person today! Thank you for having not hung up right away. Long-distance phone connections require more time, but many are those who don’t get it. Thank you for your patience and perseverance. 


Yes, child, this is Me. I am thrilled to hear the sound of your voice. You know, it is not the volume which matters but the intensity of your longing. 


Hello! Thank you for calling Me during the week. So many people only think of Me on Sundays – from 8 to 9 or 11 to 12. They call it their divine service, but it is tough to build a relationship within such a short time.


My human service is around the clock, around the day, the month, the year… and I am so moved when I get calls during the week – like today. I often feel very lonely and have to keep many feelings to Myself for lack of someone with whom to share them – and I know that my children feel just the same. Everything could be so easy, so wonderful!


Hello, My child! Thank you for your call and, please, give My love to your siblings.”

 Agnès Armanet, Waldorf, Germany, July 1979

Tue, 02/18/2020