Divine Rights Activists

Some subject their soul to the whims of the Evil One

By prostituting it in exchange for non-legit favors.

They ruthlessly squander its fragrant innocence

And selfishly squash its dream of immortality

Causing its untimely and painful demise

By slow asphyxiation due to lack of TLC.


Many belatedly kick themselves

When it suddenly dawns on them,

They landed at the losing end

Of such despicable soul-trafficking.


They foolishly traded their supernal essence

For the evanescent but addictive fumes

Emitted by excessive hoarding of material wealth

And the vainglorious lures of usurped powers.


The loan shark who staked a proprietary claim

On their indentured soul by imposing usury rates

Holds their worst interest in his defiled heart.


Others consecrate their soul to serve as a Virgin Vestal

In the Tabernacle of the Magnificent One.

With strings of love as only attachments,

They go about their glorified business

Humming joyful tunes of humble gratitude.


Your soul gives you access to the Rainbow Bridge

That spans its majestic frame across the Valley of Death

Gently lifting you toward the transcendence of Heavens

Where you will rest and thrive in eternal peace.


May the masses awaken from their narcotic-induced stupor

To diligently negotiate for the immediate release

Of their languishing souls held hostage,

Eager to pay the steep ransom price

To regain full control of their gaunt spiritual assets!


Soul perfection is what you were born longing for,

As it will yield a lasting state of bliss

That will by far exceed the short lifespan

Of the sporadic highs, you may experience

When indulging in the feeding frenzies

Of your voracious physical senses.


[Written by Anyas Spencer, Medford, Oregon, December 8, 2019]

Sun, 12/08/2019