Welcome to My Heart!


The revolving access door to my heart

Is far from being fully operational.

Rust has greedily staked a jealous claim

To the hinges of this subliminal portal.


Whenever I forcefully try to get it unstuck,

Rattling its doorknob, and kicking its panel,

It lets out distraught and heart-wrenching creaks

That prompt me to reach for a can of WD-40

And mercifully lubricate its arthritic joints.


This sorry state of affairs is hard to bear.

It is not what I signed for.

Should I procrastinate any longer

I may become the casualty

Of a long in the making heart attack.


I would rather be hit by a stroke of insight

That would enjoin me on the spot

To drive a state-of-the-art ventilation crack

In the self-erected shield of my claustrophobic heart.


They say that curiosity kills the cat.

Could it also unlock a padlocked door?

I may have to hire some muscle on steroid

To unceremoniously kick open

That recalcitrant much-coveted gateway.


I asked my angels to stand guard by the door

While I knock, and knock, and knock

Covering the peephole with my thumb

So as not to spoil the effect of surprise.


I will lay in wait for as long as it takes,

Wasting no time to plan a housewarming party.

I already traded the discouraging ‘No Trespassing’ sign

For an inviting brand-new doormat

That bluntly states, “Welcome to my heart!”


Anyas Spencer, Medford, Oregon, November 9,2019

Sat, 11/09/2019