If you intend to beautify your inner world,

Dip your mental art brush in the filtered waters of Spirit

Rather than the dirtied poodles of contaminated hearsay.


Select a stunning backdrop such as blue skies on a sunny day

And envision gentle wavelets lapping the sun-kissed seashore

Rather than over sensitizing your mind

By placing too much focus on the teary saltiness

Accumulated through the ages in the vast oceanic body.


Prep your mental canvas with a fresh wash

Lending a deaf ear to the unfounded and negative ‘hear-think.’

That keeps bubbling up from its many blind corners,

Having been allowed to roam there untamed for way too long.


Revamp your color palette with vibrant colors

Tossing into the wastebasket the disenchanting ones

That would only smudge your life’s work

With the marks of their dirty fingerprints

Muddied by overexposure to pessimistic emotions.


How could you generate a memorable work of art

Without conditioning both your mind and your heart

So that they jointly come up with a glorious vision,

Infused both with fiery idealism and can-do-better spirit?


Yours is to sharpen the pencil of your creative mind,

And guide the brushstrokes prompted by your open heart

To gently follow the fine grain of your fondest dreams

Rather than exposing them to the coarseness of your worst nightmares.


Anyas Spencer, Medford, Oregon, February 19, 2019

Tue, 02/19/2019