Words are powerful entities, unacknowledged by so many.

Once they pass “Checkpoint Lips,” they roam free as energy.

Are your words tastefully arranged so as to form a sweet bouquet,

Bringing comfort by their fragrance and brightening someone’s day?


Do you turn down their volume to protect innocent ears?

Or do you step up their decibels to generate a sense of fear?

Do you string them into lyrics or love infused lullabies,

With the intent to serenade whoever is passing by?



Do you coat them in venom, morphing them into snakes

Who go for the jugular, wreaking havoc in their wakes?


Do you use profanities that defile your mouthpiece?

Do you hurl obscenities that do all much disservice,

Littering the neighborhood while disturbing its peace?


Are your words escapees, armed to the teeth,

Raving and ranting endlessly,

Impossible to take back once they overstep the mark?


Put your mouth on probation; place a sentinel on your lips

With the strict recommendation to monitor all exits:

The much-coveted passes will be issued exclusively

To outbound travelers shining by their behavior;

Parole will be denied to all repeat offenders.


Anyas Spencer, Medford, Oregon, January 3, 2015



Sat, 01/03/2015