The tsunami of your anger rocks my world to its core.

Its violence is a shocker which so disrupts my peaceful shore.

What did I do to trigger it? Speaking my truth was the culprit.

You are a Lion, I am a Bee, buzzing along candidly,

Quite unaware that such a sound so irritates your Majesty.

Yet when you roar so mightily, you squeeze the daylight out of me.


Bees buzz, such is their script. Hard at work, they earn their stripes

Sweetening lives with their honey - of no crime, are they guilty.


Lion King, I am a Queen by birthright.  I am a lady, not a tramp.

Words hurled at me in anger cannot ever defile me.

However, like arrows dipped in venom,

They pierce my heart and cause bleeding.


I know that you have in the past

Been stung by a flurry of mean wasps.

I feel the need to clarify the error of the assumption

That wasps and bees are alike; they have so little in common.



Wasps are farouche warriors, while my people are peace lovers.

We only sting in self-defense, and much prefer to sing and dance.

Your realm has width, mine has height,

Your paws are wide, my wings are light…

You are Infantry, I am Air Force.


In His wisdom, our Creator could well foresee

What a blessing such an alliance could turn to be:

Between a Lion King and a Queen Bee…


Anyas Spencer, Medford, Oregon, January 21, 2015


Sun, 01/25/2015