Are you sinking in the quicksand of depression, luring you down in the black abyss of despair

Until such time you painfully hit rock bottom?

Is your life morphing into a total nightmare where everything sucks and seems unfair?


Are you waiting for a knight in shining armor to come knocking at your front door,

And gallantly help you get unstuck, magically extirpating you from your muck?


Stop wishing and start acting!  Stop waiting and start doing!


A lifeline dangles in front of your face. Grab it and fasten it around your waist.

It is connected to a magnificent ladder firmly anchored in precious stardust matter.


As you painstakingly lift your heavy feet to its bottom rung,

You are starting your liberating climb out of your emotional slum.

Slowly but surely, you are emerging from your mind-numbing drama

Activating the power of your will to fight the forces of inertia.


The second rung of your ladder is occupied by Anger.

Ironically enough, it makes you feel somewhat better.

Anger is an energetic output preferable to apathy.

Zoom in on your depression, and it will nuke it instantly!


Time to share with you a secret:

Dark emotions are cannibals feeding on their own substance.

They are invisible vampires who can throw you off balance.

You are sad that you feel sad, and that makes you even sadder.

You wallow in self-pity, another mood dampener.


Turn that to your advantage by changing some habits.

It is time that you rephrase many of your mental scripts:

“I am grateful to feel grateful; I am happy to feel happy;

It feels good to feel good, I no longer feel so sorry.”


Each positive affirmation you consciously focus on

Will expand like a balloon filled with uplifting helium.

It will unfailingly pull you to the next rung of your ladder:

Courage will take over, leading to greener pastures,

Where you will get reacquainted with being an Optimist

Fueled by Love, quickened by Joy, infused with Peace!


You will know then with certainty

That you are now blissfully free.

Do not let Shame, Guilt, and Fear, the ultimate bottom feeders,

Selfishly dislodge you from the top rung of your ladder.


Why waddle in mud when you can fly higher than a kite?


Anyas Spencer, Medford, Oregon, 02/22/2015

Sun, 02/22/2015