Divine Mother,

Today is your day. May it just be the first day of many days, weeks, months, years… when your earthly children finally come to recognize how much they need you. Mother, you have been tirelessly and anonymously working in the background of our lives, even though you were one of the most potent initiators of our world.

Many mothers work without being recognized for who they are and what they do; for their incredible contributions to the planetary welfare.

Please infuse us with your loving fragrance. Show us what it truly means to be your daughters and, as such, to love our children with the same patient and unconditional love you bestow upon us.


Divine Mother,

Show us how to establish a strong bond, a mother-daughter special connection – with you – so that we can hold our heads high, knowing that we are walking in your footsteps.

Allow us to feel the strength of your hugs and to hear your loving and soothing lullabies when our hearts are heavy and in need of comfort.


Divine Mother,

May your cheerful laughter resonate in our ears and lift our spirits whenever we take ourselves too seriously. May we expand our sisterhood, as there is so much beautiful synergy when your daughters sit together in a circle to share and inspire one another.

Thank you, Mother, that we are your prodigal daughters. We love you!





Dearest Daughters,

I feel so much motherly pride when I witness how you lead your lives, sometimes under very dire circumstances.

I see you wearing proudly on your head heavy loads – from the well to the hearth of your homes.

I see you tilling the fields with your little ones tightly anchored on your back and bathed in your loving presence.

I see you putting up with many hurtful and disrespectful behaviors, and yet, keeping on keeping on as, deep inside, you well know that you are the inner strength upon which your loved ones rely.


Dearest Daughters,

Through all your sufferings, your hearts keep growing and expanding in compassion, empathy, and understanding.

The day will come when you finally will be able to relax and feel protected in your womanhood.

I am here, dear ones, watching over you, feeling for you, and spreading on your bruised hearts and bodies the healing balm of my love.


Keep shining your lights, Divine Daughters, as they are inspirational to those with eyes to see.

Support one another through your prayerful intentions. The constancy of your love will disarm your abusers.

Teach your children well! Live lives filled with self-respect and dignity. They will teach these core values to your little ones. Yes, the hands that rock the cradle also rock the world.


Anyas Spencer, Medford, Oregon, Mother’s Day – May 11, 2014

Sun, 05/11/2014