The heart within my chest holds three chests of its own, way up in its attic.

I stumbled over them in its darkest recess,

Which caused palpitations and a short-lived panic.


It all came back to me.

I had stowed them away many light years ago

During a spring cleaning in which I intended to burry my ego.


I fumbled in the dark to flip the light switch.


The first trunk was massive, as heavy as concrete.

“What in the world did I hoard there?” I exclaimed in near despair.

I opened it on the spot. It was…. empty!!!

Puzzled, I looked at it closely, in search of an explanation.

To my relief, I found a tag that read: “This trunk is filled with Illusions.”


Heartened, I circled Trunk Number Two, dredging my brain for a clue.

It was ornate and feather-light. Was this one empty too?

Then suddenly it dawned on me that it was packed with Dreams Come True!

I became ecstatic way up in the attic.

Instead of discarding unsettling genies,

I had mistakenly stowed away sweet fairies.


Carefully holding my breath,

Not to cause them extra stress,

I gently lifted them out of the dark

To display them on the mantelpiece of my heart…


-What about Trunk Number Three?

-I was certain you would ask me.

This one was filled with Memories: Letters, photos, and diaries.

Give me time to sift through them, which may give rise to another poem!


Anyas Spencer, November 29, 2009

Thu, 11/29/2012