Footprints in the sun-kissed sand, lifted by a gust of wind

Or washed away by the waves’ relentless licking…


Fingerprints on a windowpane, leaving a shiny residue…

Yet, they too will fade away someday, erasing this trace of you.


Heartprints are here to stay.

Love and friendship leave a soft indent

Engraved forever in the heart’s content

And shimmering with a rainbow hue…

I am so glad that I met YOU!


True love does not come with an expiration date

That would morph it suddenly into hate.

It stays the course in spite of life’s turns and twists

Acquiring the golden patina of priceless antiques.


As they enter into a love-infused partnership,

Souls learn to synchronize both their steps and heartbeats,

Stumbling at first on unsure footing,

As they learn to master the free-flowing love dance

But so quickly regaining their balance…


Love, when fueled by respect and appreciation,

Stays immune to the pull of spiraling depreciation.


Stripped and polished by the coarse sandpaper

Of personalities rubbing against each other,

It is constantly upgraded - from paper to silver,

From silver to gold, from gold to diamond,

As it slowly inches toward its platinum perfection,

Just another step toward its next destination.


L-O-V-E – Four unpretentious letters

Representing the perfect blending together

Of the O in You and the E in Me….


Anyas Spencer, Medford, Oregon, February 14, 2015

Sat, 02/14/2015