Excuses are roadblocks, erected in a hurry

Whenever life pops at us some opportunity

Wishing for it to morph into a stepping stone,

Daring us to venture beyond our comfort zone.


Excuses block our view from the bigger picture

And keep us self-absorbed in our safe routine

While we could experience some thrilling adventure

And discover more gifts that lay dormant within.


Excuses are those “do not disturb” signs

Posted in plain view at the knob of our doors

So as to ward off the most loyal of friends

And treat them like persona non grata.


Making up excuses is a mental process

That is quite a waste of imagination.

We applaud ourselves for our supposed prowess

And have a repertoire for various occasions:


“I cannot come; I have the stomach flu.

I cannot come; I misplaced my left shoe.

I cannot come; there is a pimple on my nose.

I cannot come; my furry friend is comatose… “




How did we become such fakes?

Excuses clearly stunt our growth

And leave but regrets in their wakes.


“What if I had taken that chance?

“What if I had gotten up from my couch?”


Isn’t it time we switched MOs, turning our lives around

And responded with gusto to the opportunities which abound?


Carpe Diem! Why not?


Anyas Spencer, Medford, Oregon, January 15, 2015

Thu, 01/15/2015