Up at the crack of dawn, I have a decision to make.

What shall I wear today? A frown or a smile on my face?

I part the curtains to take a peek at the weather

Before I turn within to check my internal barometer.


I see dark clouds still luring on the horizon,

They are the remnants of yesterday’s unresolved situations.

I see a scarecrow twisting in the wind

And threatening my mental wellbeing.


I slide open the doors of my emotional closet

And stare in disbelief at its content.

What a mess! It is in such a state of disarray!

My emotions hang there pell-mell,

Dormant, disempowered rag dolls.


Girl, it is time for an intervention!

Roll up your sleeves and get to it!

Time to color-coordinate your emotional outfits!


Why do Love and Hate hang out side by side without rhyme or reason?

It seems I’ve been out of touch for a while with the flow of the seasons.

Why are the dried-cleaned and vibrant emotions

Squeezed against those in dire need of attention?


What in the world did I think when I held on to those

That do not match my complexion?

Way too many spurs of the moment acquisitions

Amid many stressful life situations!


Some emotions were hand-me-downs

That I should have discarded years ago:

Out of style Grudges, rancid Bitterness, poisonous Resentment…

They snuck their way in my closet due to my lack of awareness.

No longer shall these stinky companions

Denature the delightful scents of Love and Happiness.


Being of a size Petite,

How come my wardrobe contains an XXL Ego?

It is time to set things straight and to throw out of the window

All the unbecoming moods that crump my style and cloud my spirit:

Anger turns my face scarlet, and Envy turns it green.

Fear makes me appear pale, and worries jaundice me,

While Greed is too threadbare and Depression too clingy.


Out of the closet, they fly! Good riddance!

I can now spread out all my pretty outfits, and I promise to myself

That I shall wear my Sunday’s best daily:

Love accessorized with Respect; a healthy dose of Gratitude;

A glow of Joy on my face to accentuate my attitude.


Here you have it! A well-tailored outfit with a certain “Je-ne-sais-quoi”…


Anyas Spencer, Medford, Oregon, November 22, 2014

Sat, 11/22/2014