There is a chill in the air threatening to put a dent in the fragile balance of my mental wellbeing.

My soul shivers in the wind of unstable emotions. My throat chakra is scratchy, and my vision is blurry.

For sure a storm of spiritual magnitude is looming on the horizon,

A potential tsunami of frightening emotions.


Can I prevent a meltdown? Can I boost my resilience against that force of imbalance?

I fumble urgently through the clutter of my medicinal chest,

Looking for a bottle of Airborne or for a shot of Wellness.

They usually do the trick. I find none and grow frantic.

This time I suspect that stronger boosters are needed, some hardcore antibiotics.


It is when it dawns on me that I have neglected of late to take my dose of Vitamin M.

The label recommends it be taken daily, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach,

And, should you favor the twice-a-day posology, another serving at night.

It works best when taken sitting in a lotus position, which enhances its absorption.


This piques my curiosity. I confess I am not conversant in spiritual chemistry.

I turn to my dusty Physician Desk Reference Manual

In search of any reported symptoms of withdrawal.


Before I reach that section, I learn that the Greeks named it ‘stochasmós.”’nic

That does not ring any bell, and I find it superfluous.

It goes on to explain that it comes from the Latin word ‘Meditatio.’

That makes so much more sense and instantly solves the riddle of the “M” consonant.


No adverse side-effects were ever reported,

But the listing is very long of positive repercussions :

“Decrease in irritability; loss of ability to worry;

Increasing feeling of peace, up to a state of total bliss;

Frequent attacks of smiling; being awake to what’s within;

Loss of interest in judging and getting involved in conflicts;

An attitude of gratitude…” And on and on, goes the list.



This is why I feel compelled to share with you these few tidbits.

Withdrawal symptoms suck; you can take my word for it.

Who doesn’t have a few minutes to spare daily for this practice?

Manage your time wisely; do prioritize your mental health,

And all the aspects of your life will fall nicely into place.


Anyas Spencer, December 13, 2014

Sat, 12/13/2014