Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “As you wish to establish a connection with Me, you are stilling your mind and putting it in neutral by initiating a mental countdown from ten to zero.  It is a very effective way to give Me the floor.  How so?

“First of all, numbers are emotionally neutral.  Secondly, just as the countdown preceding the launching of a spacecraft culminates at its ‘zero point’, the mental countdown that you perform takes you to the ‘zero point’ of our timeless and space-less connection—a spiritual activation that overrides your material limitations.

“The ‘zero point’ is where it all happens.  It is the culmination of your surrender to Spirit—the magical moment where the inter-realm door opens to let Me in, as well as those on your Team.  It is when you are all ears, eager to pick up on the diversity and abundance of the customized spiritual teachings.  It is when you are fully receptive to benevolent spiritual downloads and their helpful contribution to your life’s journey. 

“Many of you unconsciously abort these mental countdowns and thus do not reap their benefits, as they fail to reach that magical point of connection.  It does take constant practice.  Do not give up prematurely, as you will never get to know for yourself the truth of My promises.  I will always do My part.  Yet, you have to demonstrate your eagerness to join Me in the divine partnership we are called to form.”