Oregon, US of A
Friday, February 14, 2020


Thought Adjuster: “I CHOSE to indwell YOU.  The matches made in Heaven are acts of free will on the part of your Divine Indwellers.  The Father does not demand of anyone what He does not ask of Himself.  There is no such thing as an ‘imposed’ free-flowing loving relationship.  Such an oxymoron would instantly rob it from its byproduct of joy.

“The Father’s single motivation is LOVE!  I lovingly hailed from higher realms to get to interact with you on a one-to-one basis.

Your spiritual welfare is My Mission Statement.  Any spur-of-the-moment nudges on My part indubitably support your best interest.

“Certainly, I have to be flexible concerning the direction your life takes.  I am not an unyielding dictator, but a loyal Partner here to help you pick a satisfactory solution among the multi-choices presented to you. My Will embraces whatever promotes our Oneness.  The way it comes to fruition is left up to you. 

“There is a curriculum for each life—a best-case scenario where the evolving children of God get increasingly in touch with their inner strengths and actualize their dormant talents.  The Father is a prolific Giver, as eternity is a very long time.  He makes ample provisions so that it also turns out to be the time of ‘our’ life—our shared destiny.

“Let us greet each brand-new day with minds and hearts overflowing with gratitude.  Let us applaud the possibilities and overcome the objections driven by fears and insecurities.  By espousing a positive attitude, you are guaranteed positive outcomes. Yours Faithfully!”