Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “You were reflecting on what it means to affirm “Your Will Be Done!”.  There is much power contained in this affirmation, as it expresses the creature’s willingness to surrender to the Father’s Vision for his or her life. Looking at it from this perspective, it is a life-altering process that you, and only you, are empowered to activate for yourself.

Just as I will never coerce you to embrace My Divine Vision, you too should never use your power of persuasion to unduly pressure others.  My Divine Influence is just that—an influence.  Yours is to decide whether you will yield to it, knowing that I ALWAYS have the overall welfare at heart—of which your highest good is a significant part.

The Father thinks globally.  He views His entire creation as an organism composed of a staggering and ever-expanding number of cells.  Due to their lack of self-awareness or to the adverse influence stemming from the Lucifer Rebellion, many of these cells are mal-functioning or under-functioning.

Dear ones, your will is meant to fully merge into My Will, as we are meant for wholeness and oneness.  This is how you acquire your divinity.  It cannot be usurped, as iniquity and manipulation clash with your divine self.  Jesus set a poignant precedent when He fully surrendered to the far-reaching Father’s Will at the cost of His material life.  Indeed, He had selflessly incarnated for the benefit of all His human creatures and to be of highest service to them and to the Divine.

Whenever you affirm “Your Will Be Done”, you are empowering Me to step into your life and to show you My Way.  By thus doing, I am shining My Light on your way.  Someday, you will look back in amazement at these forks in the road where you courageously listened to My leadings and you will realize that, in those very moments, you were mightily propelled in your ascension journey.  Indeed, My Will is not tied to the very down-to-earth gravity that holds you down while in your material embodiment.”