Oregon, US of A
Thursday, March 1, 2018

“The keys of the kingdom of heaven are:  sincerity, more sincerity, and more sincerity.  All men have these keys.”  [UB 435:07]

Thought Adjuster: “Indeed you gain access to the Kingdom of Heaven within you through the sincerity of your heart, as no one can sneak their way into this love-bathed territory.  Why is it so?”

“The Kingdom of Heaven is the Family of God—of those who have come to understand where they came from, and what is their eternal destination and family ties.  By making the free will decision to embrace your life plan with all the faith and courage you can muster in face of the unknown, you are indeed becoming a trusting and trusted member of this growing family. 

“You may lack the ability to detect what happens to anyone of you upon the making of such a weighty decision.  Yet, you will notice that mighty winds of change start blowing in your life as you set the personal intention to reform your self-centered ways since the Family of God is a place of compassionate teamwork—a genuine community.  This is why it may initially appear to you that you are going through a painful initiation rite, as ‘the rug has to be pulled from under your feet’ that was holding you grounded in your material reality.

“Your sincerity will be tested time and time again, and your faith will tremendously grow through these episodes.  You will prove to your spiritual family that ‘you mean it’, that you are not spiritually flaky and do not change your mind when the going gets rough.  Such sincere efforts on your part cannot but move the Father’s Heart.  At times, parents have to seemingly withdraw their affection so that their children can earn their stripes on their own.  Yet, they are observing and ensuring that a safety net is in place to catch these endearing rookie souls, should they lose their footing. 

“Dear ones, your sincerity is what keeps motivating you to get back in the saddle of life.  Your desire to experience the manifestation of the promises of the Kingdom of Heaven becomes your unstoppable driving force and ensures that you stubbornly stay the course.  As long as you do not lose this universal access key to the Kingdom, nothing has the power to kick you out, as its lock will never be changed being under an eternal lifetime warranty.”