Oregon, US of A
Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mother Mary: “Dear one, this is me, Mother Mary.  As you invoke my presence by thinking of me and joining in this activity of light, I am here with you to support you in your desire to embody more and more of these light qualities. 

“I rejoice when any one of you is willing to participate in this wonderful bestowal of uplifting light.  The Father has so many gifts for those who are willing to receive them.  If only humanity knew of what is possible and of how much the Father is involved in each life, so much would change in the way people live their lives. 

“They would stop being on automatic pilot and would start being more willing to walk away from the beaten path, in order to discover the many more possibilities that life is offering them.  They would also inspire their siblings to become more adventurous by reporting to them the amazing changes taking place within themselves, in their outlook, and also the precious discoveries that they are now making by the very fact that they climbed out of their box, their self-projected box.

“The Holy Spirit roams through the whole creation; just the same, your spirit does not know of any boundaries as it is not limited to the confines of your physical body.  It transcends it.  All creatures can be connected in spirit and in their love to the Father of All things and beings. 

“Cultivate the oneness, find the common denominators which can be addressed when relating to your siblings so as to foster unity instead of division, and yet embrace diversity as one more unifying factor.  We are one in diversity as each one of you is a unique and most needed cell for the good functioning of the entire cosmic organism.   Cater to your cell so that it can beautify the whole the more you get aligned with its intended perfection and the more you discover its purpose.  Each of you is wanted and each of you is needed.  The Father would like to see each one of the gifts He bestowed upon His children be unwrapped with gratitude and be put to its intended use for the highest good.  Gifts are meant to be shared instead of being put away jealously.”