Oregon, US of A
Monday, October 22, 2018

“Train your memory to hold in sacred trust the strength-giving and worthwhile episodes of Life, which you can recall at will for your pleasure and edification.  This builds up for yourself and in yourself reserve galleries of beauty, goodness, and artistic grandeur.  But the noblest of memories are the treasured recollections of great moments of a superb friendship.  And all of these memory treasures radiate their most precious and exalting influences under the releasing touch of spiritual worship.”  [UB 160:6]

Uteah: “The Greek Philosopher, Rodan, brilliantly articulated what I came to share with you in My initial teachings.  Indeed, what better heart-openers than the recalls of cherished memories?  By plucking at your heartstring, they are the entry points to higher spiritual realms where love is the oxygen of your soul.

“It is the reason why I wish for you to come to Me bringing ‘heart offerings,’ just as a small child gifts his mother with random tokens of his affection.  Such precious symbols impact both hearts profoundly. 

“Spend time in the Stillness reminiscing with Me about your most cherished life’s episodes.  Describe them in details to refresh their somewhat faded picture, thus resurrecting their associated beautiful emotions. 

“Do this daily.  This is how you retrieve from the attic of your mind the many stowed-away keepsakes.  As you open the jewelry box of each precious memory, inhale the beautiful scent it releases, and wear it as a whiff of perfume.  Should it fade over time, reopen its vessel to refresh your emotional fragrance. 

“By following this daily ritual, your inner world will tremendously change.  Rather than dwelling on painful memories that come with grudges in tow, you will thrive by revisiting your photo album packed with your best moments.  Who of a sane mind would preserve in an album their worst snap shops?”