Oregon, US of A
Sunday, March 3, 2019

Teacher Uteah: “Let us talk about the Exhibit of Loving Memories we are setting up together in a virtual gallery.  You are presenting Me with the most outstanding snapshots of your life. We blow them up and magnify their breathtaking beauty by adorning them with designer frames.

“We put our heads and hearts together to allocate each new entry a focal spot on the gallery walls in order to make its originality and softness stand out and spontaneously evoke the heartwarming emotions it triggers in you, in Me, and the carefully selected guestlists to the private showings you will host to share more fully of your essence.  Indeed, a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

“In America, each former President gets to build a Library named after him to preserve archives and artifacts of his administration. Such is the purpose of your Gallery—to be a depository of your unique life legacy.

“At times, due to lack of confidence, an artist initially rejects his most gripping works, wrongly assuming that they would fail to move other hearts.  Isn’t the objective of art to elicit powerful emotional responses in the beholder?  It is the unfiltered artistic expression that makes artwork relatable.  There is beauty in non-pretentious ‘heart-istic’ expression—a beauty that echoes in all hearts, including those who have not gotten in touch with their humility—yet. 

“May your art be inspirational!  Discard whatever is not worth preserving for eternity.  Sort your memories out and select the ‘cream of the cream’ to be displayed in your Gallery.  It is indeed a labor of love!”