Oregon, US of A
Saturday, June 29, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “You could say that your mind enjoys a 360-degree range of operation. It is an endowment of Mother Spirit—a spiritual influence unimpeded by time-space limitations. 

“Its imaginative power, coupled with its IQ, prompt it to ‘free-lance’ following the leadings of its unquenchable innate curiosity. Endowed with free-will prerogative, it has been conceived as a ‘free spirit.’ It is both a truth-detector and processor when receptive to the practical teachings of the Spirit of Truth. It should not settle for any less, as it would leave it wanting.

“I indwell your mind, which is a privilege to Me once you give Me the green light to participate in your mental processes—not just monitor them. 

“I know the complex workings of your mind. Nobody else is more qualified than Me to draw your attention to what is relevant to a successful life. With your permission, I pull out the invasive weeds that impair your brain power, thus clearing precious mental real-estate to populate it with thoughts of a higher caliber—original thoughts that peak your attention and whose threads I prompt you to follow, as they will enrich your life.

“My downloads are empowering upgrades. They assist you in deleting the tracks of the obsessive mindset that keeps your mind stuck in a repetitive loop, devoid of breathing space. 

“Stale thoughts are not worth entertaining and prevent you from perceiving the ‘thought-provoking’ data that hovers over your mental space, looking for a landing strip. It will be your ride to higher levels of thinking and feeling. Such positive emotions will drive you to take positive actions, and their feedback will add to the practical knowledge that will strengthen your mental frame.”