Oregon, US of A
Sunday, February 22, 2015

Unknown Teacher:  “Dear earthly children, you are beings of light!  Does that surprise you?  Have you forgotten where the light switch is located in your being?  If you look around you, you will notice some of your brothers and sisters who look vibrant and attractive to you.  Their light switches have been activated and they are connected with the Living Light within them, their God Fragment.


“You too have access to that living light, that Inner Light.  It is there, embedded within you no matter what, unless you make a conscious decision of blowing out this divine flame, which would imply the fact that you are aware of its Presence but are divorcing yourself from that loyal companion.


“Those who reach that point of no return are truly devoid of love as, if they had any trace of love remaining in their being, they would automatically long for more as Love is the substance the most wished for by every living creature.


“Learn to connect with the love within your heart; it will take you to the Father’s heart as Love blends with Love. 


“By consciously meditating and honing your spiritual skills, you will make progress in expanding your light and your love.  This type of love has also divine gravity as it wants to merge with other hearts.  Love is meant to expand, and expand, and expand as it is all-embracing by nature.  Strive to live each day with an open heart.  You will become more aware of the moments when you shut your heart down and what triggers it.  It is like pulling the weeds of a garden that threaten to choke to death the beautiful seedlings.


“Live with awareness and you will be amazed at how much growth can take place.  Robots, slaves of routine, are removing useful triggers from their lives as the unexpected and out of the ordinary is what stimulates both mind and heart to change their steps, whenever these steps are not leading them to growth.”