Oregon, US of A
Friday, October 19, 2018

Teacher Uteah: “You come to Me to learn more about Love, as you understand that it is my area of expertise.  Love is your calling, as the Father is ‘calling you’ to fully embody and radiate His boundless free-flowing Love.

“I AM” is a powerful affirmation, as it connects you with the “I-Am-ness” of your Divine Parent.  When speaking these two powerful words, fill your being with Love, as it is what the Great I AM is all about.  What does it tell you?

“It tells you that you can empower these two words when your heart beats in sync with the Divine Heart.  LOVE is the Father’s Will and the gateway to your godlikeness.  Therein lies the great mystery of your being. 

“Cultivate all the facets of Love.  It is what your spiritual infancy is all about. The study and practice of Love will be part of your ongoing eternal education, as you will encounter myriads of ‘godlike’ beings who have mastered Love in Action.

“Isn’t it reassuring to know that you will be met with Love wherever you go in the Father’s vast creation?  May your will be to be unconditionally loving, and may its power of manifestation take you to that sublime ‘operating platform.’”