Oregon, US of A
Monday, March 19, 2018

“Naturally God hears the petition of his child, but when the human heart deliberately and persistently harbors the concepts of iniquity, there naturally ensues the loss of personal communion between the earth child and his heavenly Father.”  [UB Paper 146, Section 2]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us expand upon the above statement.  Bottom line, you cannot serve two masters—the Master of Goodness and the fallen master of iniquity.  They have nothing in common.  Therefore, any lip service to the Divine made while you are following the suicidal impulses of sin and iniquity will be worthless, to the point of being an ‘abomination’ to those on High hearing your empty words.

“It is easier to understand if you look at it from the perspective of the Father-Child Relationship.  As long as children have not reached the legal age to be ‘emancipated’, they are in need of parental guidance.  Through this parental influence, they are learning how to become valuable citizens, provided that they wholeheartedly accept the fact that ‘Father and Mother know best.’ 

“If they rebel against such a precious parental guidance, they become ‘out-laws’ and frequently run away from the parental home, after claiming a premature independence.  They sever all ties with the loving homeschooling and their only disciplinarians will be their mistakes, provided they are humble enough to accept responsibility for their misguided actions.  In the worst-case scenario, even their mistakes won’t suffice to exert a corrective action in their life and they will sadly ‘doom’ themselves to spiritual failure. 

“The Father knows the intentions of your heart.  He knows when you mean your prayers and when you don’t.  Why would He lend an attentive ear to words that are devoid of authenticity?

“Dear ones, prayer is the circuit through which you can personally communicate with your Heavenly Father.  Yours is to choose whether you take advantage of this ‘universally free calling plan’ or ignore it, thus depriving yourself of higher input and enlightenment.  In the second case, the Father’s most immediate hopes for you is that you will quickly come to your senses and find your way home as prodigal sons and daughters, thus reconnecting with His much-needed parental guidance.”