Oregon, US of A
Sunday, February 11, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “There is nothing wrong with having material possessions as long as they are not becoming a distraction from what really matters in your life.  Indeed, you live a material life in a material world and you have material needs that need to be met in order for you to lead a productive life.  What then contribute to a productive life?

“This is where the tire meets the road, so to speak.  A productive life is a life dedicated to the ‘production’—the manifestation—of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, the core values of your eternal existence. 

“Indeed, you cannot go wrong in any human endeavors if you infuse your actions with these designer fragrances.  Just as the salt you moderately sprinkle on a dish greatly enhances its flavor, the aroma exuded by blending together Truth, Beauty, and Goodness exerts a universal irresistible power of attraction.

“This is the reason why Jesus was deeply loved and appreciated by those who got to meet Him in person and know Him for who He really was—paying no attention to the circulation of malicious gossip and malevolent rumors that unjustly tarnished His shining reputation.

“Dear ones, a smile brings light to your face while a frown adds unbecoming shadows to the very same features.  What does it tell you?  Surely, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but, foremost, it is dormant within you for you to consciously and intentionally activate.  You are ‘beauty-filled’ beings, even though you may have been led to think otherwise due to some difficult life’s episodes. 

“By forgiving yourself or asking for the forgiveness of those you may have hurt, you are effectively wiping the slate of your being clean, as your flaws have not been written with permanent markers.  Forgiveness is the solvent, giving you another chance to work at your masterpiece on the practice canvass of your life.  It may require multiple drafts; yet, as you keep at it undeterred, you are greatly improving over time and are reaching the culmination point of your efforts when nothing remains to be edited from your beautiful and awe-inspiring masterpiece. This is how you will leave behind a positive mark after moving on to higher realms where you will as well share of the beautiful you while mingling with many other living works of art.”