Oregon, USA
Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Thought Adjuster: “God is an infinite existential being who dwells in the circle of eternity. “To [Him], there is no past, present, or future; all time is present at any given moment. He is the great and only I AM.” [UB, 2:1.5] He made the free-will decision to become experiential by eventuating the multi-dimensional canvas of time and space—the evolutionary playground. 

“When finally actualized, this evolutionary Deity [the Supreme Being] will constitute the eternal fusion of the finite and the infinite—the everlasting and indissoluble union of experiential power and spirit personality.” [UB, 0:7.9]

He constantly Self-expresses through the myriads of creatures He conceives and animates. Some reflect His flawless attributes right away, while others appear in the form of inconspicuous starter kits—soul seeds, brilliantly engineered to, once activated, develop toward their resplendence. Once adorned in godlike attributes, the human personality and its indwelling divine Fragment gloriously fuse into dynamic oneness. As above, so below.

“Eternal fusion of the Adjuster with the evolutionary soul of man is the factual experience of eternal union with God as a universe associate of Deity.” [UB, 107:0.4]

Because you have not—as yet—crossed that bridge, you find it challenging to grasp the magnificent scope of your beingness. Once you make a deliberate Godward move, you position yourself at the starting gate of your spiritual ascension.

Given your inalienable and divinely-imparted right to self-governance, you can understand while any divine intervention has to occur ‘yours willing.’ Jesus, a divine Son, voluntarily incarnated on Planet Earth. As a man among men, he played by the same rules. The spiritual outreach that took place in him and through him was neither intrusive nor coercive. A similar open-ended offer is yours for the take."