Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Christ Michael:  “Dear child, to Mother Nebadonia and Me, you will always be a child, our child.  As your physical body undergoes its aging process, you still are a little girl to us, an eager little girl.  We see your being from a much higher perspective; we see the light shining within you, the ageless light.  Yes, dear one, you can safely climb on our lap and spend time with us, in our presence.  We too are so eager to spend quality time with our little ones.  We do hear your heartfelt request. 

“There are so many ways for a loving parent to express love to his/her child.  Many times it is through deeds, by serving the highest good of the child.  When the child is still too little to do things for him/herself, the parents take charge and do it for the child while teaching the child at the same time to learn to fend for him/herself.  The parents want that their children be equipped to function independently from them.  Service and teaching are therefore their modus operandi.   They share their own life experiences and skills with their children.  They also infuse their children with their love.  The teaching is also an exemplification of what true parents should be.

“Sure, the human parents often fall short in some areas.  However, many of them do have the highest good of their children at heart, even though they may not always meet that target.  This parental heart has been embedded in you from us.  This is a smaller version of who we are.  We do not put children into the world randomly.  Each one is wished for and loved for his/her uniqueness.  Each one is truly irreplaceable.  Yourself have experienced how much you grieve the disappearance of a loved one in your life, be it a parent, a friend, or a pet.  You connected with their uniqueness and they made you bigger so to speak as they were complementing some part of you – and still are. 

“We rejoice in the uniqueness of our offspring.  This is why we so determinedly pursue the process of bringing the whole planet back into our fold; we cherish our children who take up their own responsibility of assisting us in that, as would older siblings do for their younger brothers and sisters. 

“Be assured, dear one, that we support you with our love.  Hopefully, you will come to feel it more and more. "