Saturday, December 23, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “Each one of you shares common denominators with others.  I am not speaking about physical attributes but about personality traits.  Isn’t it logical that, in order for the Brotherhood of Man to become manifest, there must have been seeded in each one of you some common characteristics? 

“For one, you all aspire to genuine and everlasting happiness.  What divides you is how you proceed to get there.  Only by following the leadings of selfless love can you reach such a state of peaceful bliss.  Put on the lenses of love and they will bring to your focused attention the ‘light areas’ of your siblings. 

“Many of you often express that ‘they have nothing in common with such and such.’  Seriously?  If you come to such a conclusion, it is because you are letting their apparent flaws deter you from digging deeper in the mud cover to find the goodness buried in them—the still dormant Lotus flower.  Be ensured that the Heavenly Father leaves no one out when He bestows personal blessings, as it is these very blessings that ensure Him that you are equipped for eternal survival.  There is no doubt in His Mind that you are Paradise material.

“Your Heavenly Father only identifies you by your positive attributes, as they are part of His original concept for your life.  Your shadow areas are just that—shadows that will lift from your being as a morning fog as you turn on your inner light, for it to shine ever-brighter and make you glow from the inner.

“Dear ones, by acknowledging what is true, good, and beautiful in others—no matter how insignificant they may appear at the time—you are becoming efficient lightworkers as well as their pro bono advocates.  Many lives have been saved in these intense moments when a creature was about to give up due to lack of self-worth but was told that he or she mattered.  Everyone needs to hear what the Father is constantly whispering to all of you.”