Oregon, US of A
Friday, October 18, 2019


Some people channel or at least "tune in" to higher sources without being aware of it. They assume that the thoughts they are having are their own when that is not totally the case. This can account for several people coming up with a similar invention or song, for instance, at the same time—a higher-plane source is trying to get his idea to the physical plane and works with several people simultaneously, perhaps hoping that at least one of them will make it available to others. Not all inspiration comes from channeling since we are each creative beings in our own right, but most creation involves some kind of collaboration. We receive more help than we realize.”

Thought Adjuster: “Many entertain prejudices toward the so-called ‘Channeling.’ However, if you stop and think, you will agree that channeling takes place all over the creation.

“The First Source and Center channels a great variety of creative and life-sustaining energies, as well as the premium emotion of love. You could say that All-That-Is has been 'channeled' from on High through the conscious and purposeful intentions of the Creator.

“I would like here to stress the word ‘conscious.’ As co-creators, you too are channels—receivers and transmitters. What is often missing in that natural process is the mindfulness regarding the quality of the energies you convey—many of those being highly contagious.

“The spark of life is channeled through the intimate relationship between man and woman. I would like to describe it as ‘the relay for life.’ As well, on the emotional level, you are channeling emotions—energy-in-motion. You could be likened to small living satellite dishes and you should be very picky as to which channels you broadcast. Which influences do you ‘channel’ into your reality?

“Upon the push of a button, by selecting a TV channel, you determine as well the type of ‘vibes’ you allow into your home—and your mind. They also govern your emotions according to their subject matters and emotional triggers.

“You have been conceived to be “receptacles of the Spirit.” Sadly, this holy calling has been defiled, and many have become vessels of the unholy spiritual influences of iniquity, adding their own hefty contribution to that pool.

“Dear ones, you can positively impact the planetary quality of life by carefully selecting what you allow into your mind, heart, and soul. As you consciously tap into the highest spiritual influences available to you at any given moment, you are uplifted, and you act as yet another conduit for planetary upliftment. On the other hand, if you stubbornly remain fixated on negative influences… You get the idea.

“It is time to clean up the mixed bag of spiritual influences that you unconsciously channel. True “Inspiration” consists of receiving exclusively the elements of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness that the Father broadcasts from Paradise, wishing for them to trickle down through the whole cosmos, being relayed by its myriads of beloved creatures—the divine chain of custody. Yes, Love is of the highest emotional voltage, and YOU have been wired to channel it to perfection.”