Oregon, US of A
Monday, April 27, 2015

Thought Adjuster: Dear child, human beings are exposed to all kinds of influences and pressures.  Many times, they live unaware of these manifold influences.  As a baby is born into a family, its parents are the first influence in its life.  This is why it is so important that the newborn child be exposed to positive parental influences as they are the fertilizer for its soul.

“If the parents fail to nurture that budding soul with love, a lack is being created within that soul which slows down and handicaps its healthy development. The next level of influence in a human life is the influence of peers.  The peer influence, if it occurs on the foundation of sane parental guidance, can also contribute to the soul and personality development.  However, should it be based on coercion and intimidation – the so called peer pressure – it can be detrimental to that personality.  Through peer-pressure, many humans are behaving against their inner feelings, against their gut feelings and this result in internal disharmony.  It is important to teach children to live with discernment and to let them know that they have a free will whose integrity they need to carefully preserve.

“Beyond these close influences, human beings are bombarded with all kinds of other influences – external and internal.  The knowledge that is fed you by the media can be another positive or negative influence in your life, depending on whether or not it is based on truth or on a distortion and manipulation of the original truth.

“Any other influences that you feel exposed to need to be assessed and weighted for their value and you need to always remember that you have the power to allow them into your life experience or to censor them out of it.  You are the gate keeper of your own being.

“The same way you protect your physical being from threatening viruses and infections, so should you also protect the integrity of you mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  Carefully pick and chose what you allow into your being at all levels.”