Oregon, US of A
Friday, January 23, 2015

Unknown Teacher: “Dear child, as you go through the experience of mourning a lost friendship, you also come to realize what a sad event it is for a loving heart to be disconnected from its beloved. 


“The Father bestows Himself on each one of His mortal creatures at their first moral decision.  What a joyful event it is for the Father to be invited into that person’s inner sanctum through that first conscious decision. This moment is also infused with so much hope as the Personal Adjuster is celebrating the beginning of what will hopefully be an eternal union and cooperation.  It is truly like an “engagement” - a “commitment” from His/Her part. 


“The Adjuster knows what could be, knows of the eternal potentials contained in that budding relationship.  He/She is, so to say, placing all His/Her bets on you.  You are the recipient of His/Her undivided attention from the moment when that connection is being established. 


“Your highest good is the motivation of your Divine Fragment.  As you entrust the Divine for your spiritual guidance, you can be sure that He/She is with you at all times, monitoring your progress and leading you through the challenges of your life so that you can extract their lessons and that they can add to the strength and the resilience of your character. 


“Your Adjuster is ever patient as He/She hails from beyond time and space.  Your Adjuster loves you beyond human words.  Can you imagine what a great disappointment it is for an Adjuster when His/Her human host breaks up his/her engagement with the Divine?  Just as you grieve over the absence of some friends in your life, after opening up your heart to them, the Divine also grieves over such a lost relationship. 


“Love is all embracing. Love just IS.  The Master gave you the parable of the shepherd searching for his lost sheep.  The shepherd could not let go of his love for the errant sheep and had to put everything into action to find it again and bring it back into the fold of his heart.  Always chose Love as Love unerringly propels you in the right direction and draws you into the Father’s Presence.  In the end, unity will prevail and there will be much joy when the broken relationships will be mended and healed through love and forgiveness.”