Oregon, US of A
Monday, September 10, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “You asked to be given more insights about Worship.  Indeed, light needs to be shed on this still much-unchartered spiritual territory.  By mindlessly going through the moves of rituals, many souls lose their connection to the living Spirit and are deprived of the many crucial spiritual nutrients that such an intimate bond provides for the edification of their soul.

“Prayer is destined ‘to expand insight… [it] is spiritually sustaining, but worship is divinely creative.” [UB 143:7] Jesus’ teachings to His apostles are eternally relevant and were intended to be personally experienced so as to constitute a great leap forward in individual ‘faith journey.’  How so?

“There is a fine demarcation line between prayer and worship.  Once you cross that line in your spiritual experience, an amazing new world of spiritual opportunities open up for you to explore. 

“Whenever you sincerely express the longings of your heart, the Father lends you an attentive ear—no matter how proficient you are in the language of prayer.  All loving parents are delighted by the babble of their little ones and become adept at deciphering their garbled transmissions.

“Indeed, the Father appreciates any attempt by His creatures to communicate with Him.  Yet, it should be a respectful dialogue.  Learn to listen without any other agenda than to be receptive to the Presence of your Heavenly Father.  This happens in the silence and yet such a silence speaks louder than all the words you may utter.  This silence is filled with substance and, if unbroken by your restlessness, it will give you a foretaste of things to come and deeply impact your growing soul, inspiring you to translate such a rich silence into valuable actions—of everlasting positive outreach.

“Invoke the Adjuvant Mind Spirit of Worship and It will coach you.  As for everything else pertaining to your existence, the Father always provides you with expert Guides and Teachers.  Enlist their benevolent assistance in your endeavors to have an unprecedented breakthrough toward self-forgetfulness and ‘superthinking’.  As Jesus attractively put it: “Worship is effortless attention, true and ideal soul rest, a form of restful spiritual exertion.”  [UB 143:7]