Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “In Martial Arts, the rank of achievement of a student is depicted through the use of an expanded colored belt system—from white to black and even red in some affiliations.  The beginners wear an inconspicuous white belt that they would love to trade up for a yellow one—their first level of achievement.  Whenever they successfully master the first skill level, they are ceremoniously ‘awarded’ the coveted belt.  They have to meet all the requisites for such an official recognition.  This is what allows them to ‘proudly’ wear that belt around their waist—the reward of their focused efforts.

“As well, there is a precise ranking system according to the pace of your spiritual growth.  Just as an aspiring Master in Martial Arts has to continually practice and challenge his skills—both physical and mental—a growing soul has to undergo many soul tests in order to develop fortitude, resilience, reliability, and trustworthiness.  For those who are clairvoyant, the level of your ‘soul mastery’ can be read from your auric field that diffuses an ever-purer and brighter light.

“None of this occurs overnight.  It requires perseverance on your part over stretches of time.  Yet, just as a martial practitioner is motivated by his desire to earn a black belt, you too should go after the black belt of spiritual mastery.  Visualizing the glorious moment of your spiritual Graduation and feeding your all-consuming desire to ‘get there’ will eventually take you there. 

“Dear ones, it is not presumptuous to set high goals for yourself.  If it were, the Father Himself would be delusional, as He is the One who infused you with the desires to become spiritual ‘super achievers’.  He is your most ardent supporter, as earning your spiritual ‘belts’ one by one through going through the seven Psychic Circle of soul growth, will earn you the greatest privilege of all:  the right to ‘fuse’ with your indwelling Divine Fragment, thus starting a brand new epoch in your soul life—an epoch that will take you to even higher heights of achievements and divine service—your eternal destiny toward Paradise Citizenship.”