Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear one, the thought came to your mind that the Father not only hears your prayerful requests, but also listens to your wishful thinking.  Any good and loving parent is able to intuit which life occurrences would contribute to a greater happiness and well being for their children. 

“In your prayers, you point the Father to areas in your life or in the life of others that are in need of divine attention so as to get to their best possible resolution.  However, the Divine Fragment that indwells your mind is in the know of all your thinking and also takes mental note of your wishful thinking.  Whenever your wishful thinking finds itself in alignment with the Great Plan, it may come into manifestation.  This is a great source of happiness for you as the Father is generously gifting you with “just because” unexpected gifts.

“Whenever you are planning to gift someone, you inquire about their likes and dislikes so as to match your gift to their taste.  This will guarantee that the gift will delight them and/or will answer to some need. 

“Spirit is intimately involved in each life.  Whenever someone is not able to turn to Spirit in conscious and heartfelt prayer, Spirit nevertheless listens to the longings of that person’s heart.  Such longings could be drawing that person toward his/her life purpose.  By opening the door to opportunities in alignment with their life objective, Spirit is activating that person on very meaningful levels.

“What does matter is that each individual articulates honestly whatever it is they take to heart.  Spirit will take it under consideration and grant any wish that contributes to the greatest good.  This may come as a surprise and take them aback when they thus come to grasp that they are truly loved and that they truly matter.

“Do not oversee the synchronicities that occur in your life. They are winks from Spirit delivering “just because” gifts—the proof that you are loved.”