Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “As you meditate upon peace, you come to realize its intimate connection with silence and mindfulness.  Peace is elusive whenever it is not connected with a quality of deep silence—an inner buffer zone.  

“Whenever you are mentally agitated, your turbulent thinking generates a state of physical restlessness putting you ‘on edge’.  Therefore, in order to appeal to the quality of peace that passes all understanding, you have to deactivate such a low-grade mental chatter that deafens the silent expression of My Small Voice.  Indeed, some sounds are best heard in silence! 

“Dear ones, practice silence!  Practice mindfulness! Practice stillness! Thus doing, you will hone your spiritual listening skills and increasingly pick up on the meaningful input coming your way on the wings of silence.  This heartfelt communion has to be sheltered from unwelcome disturbances.  This is the reason why Jesus frequently spent solitary times in the mountains in order to make the most important decisions of His life. 

“The time you spend in solitude strengthen you to your core and brings you mental clarity.  As well it inoculates you against unsound peer pressure or the adversarial side-effects of fear, superstition, and their likes.  If you wish to receive higher guidance, you need to turn your sights to its very Source—your Center within.  Your attitude of silent expectation is the key that will unlock this process.”