Oregon, US of A
Sunday, October 21, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Doubt is not your friend.  I am talking here about self-doubt.  The Father gifts each one of you abundantly, as He has great plans for each destiny.  Self-Doubt is like telling Him “I don’t think so.”  Who do you think knows best?  You, when plagued by limiting doubts, or the Father, who knows how abundantly He blessed you?

“Put all self-doubt away and go forward in faith and hope.  Doesn’t it feel much better?  Indeed, your feelings are good indicators as to the correctness of your decisions.  Faith places Doubt under a gag order and takes you by the hand, showing you the higher road.  Have you ever looked at it from this perspective?

“Reach out in faith, as it is the lifeline that connects you to the Father’s will for your eternal and glorious future.  Allowing for doubt to snip your wings is a sad state of affairs, as you have been created to soar in higher spiritual realms. 

“Whenever you doubt your self-worth, turn within for a reality check.  I will shine My spotlight on your strengths, as they are needed to overcome your weaknesses.  How else could it be done? 

“I am your Ally.  I am your Soul Whisperer and be certain that I NEVER whisper any words of doubt, as I invested My Faith in you—I BELIEVE IN YOU, more than you believe in yourself.  By believing Me, your self-esteem will get a healthy boost.”