Oregon, US of A
Friday, July 24, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “How empowered or powerful do you feel—from a non-egotistical perspective?   Those coined as ‘powerful individuals’ do not necessarily qualify as role-models, especially if they exert undue influence over others.  Society considers wealth and power as telltale signs of success.  Appearances are deceiving, as one finds the real landmark of personal success at the soul level. 

How do you assess it? The human and divine perspectives may significantly differ.  Your material achievements are marginal if they fail to yield a lasting and positive inner transformation.  Rich and poor, authoritative and self-effacing individuals share the same calling:  To develop their soul's trust fund and achieve self-mastery.

It seems you get there by contrast.  Your most significant challenges turn out to be your best opportunities for self-growth.  Symptomatic inner discomfort points to areas of imbalance.  In hindsight, you may alter your opinion regarding the high-pressure situations you had to navigate—not because the circumstances changed, but because YOU changed for the better.

Fearful reactional patterns are debilitating.  Turn to Me in your crisis situations!  I am an Expert at regulating your emotional heartbeat by infusing you with the empowering peace that passes all understanding.  It keeps you grounded, balanced, and centered.  It permeates all your operating systems, stabilizing them from the very core of your being.

From that sublime, peaceful anchor in the eye of the storm, you become a detached observer, grasping that true empowerment is all about self-mastery.”