Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, June 18, 2019

“What knowledge and reason cannot do for us, true wisdom admonishes us to allow faith to accomplish through religious insight and spiritual transformation.”  [UB 1119:01]

Thought Adjuster: “You are somewhat puzzled by the above statement and are asking Me to expand upon it.  How do you successfully meander through the twists and turns of your life journey?  Let us go through the content of your travel kit.

“First of all, you are assisted by what you have accumulated in knowledge—be it intellectual knowledge or the knowingness that comes from practical experience.  Secondly, your ability to ‘reason’ provides you valuable hunches that instill in you the confidence and courage required to access the virgin territories of your daily living. 

“What about your more intricate and immaterial inner world?  Isn’t the Adjuvant Mind Spirit of Wisdom best qualified as a tour guide?  This proficient mentor will teach you how to extract the precious nectar of wisdom from your life happenstances.  As well, you can consult It as the loyal custodian of the evolutionary wisdom—an ever-expanding living encyclopedia.  You could say that wisdom gently lubricates the wheels of your mind, nudging you toward the rewarding activation of your faith when you reach your wits’ end. 

“Blind faith has to rely on the cautionary warnings of wisdom to prevent harm to befall you or others.  Wisdom blesses you with insights—giving you inner sight—conducive to the beautification and enrichment of your life experience.  We are talking here of ‘applied wisdom.’ Indeed, nothing is of value if it is not ‘applicable’ to your inner and outer reality, thus yielding positive outcomes.

“Aren’t you amazed by the bounty of your inner resources?  They constitute both your travel kit and your survival kit.  Use the filter of reason to process the data stored in your mind.  As well, allow for your faith to be pro-active and drive you forward.  Be eager to collect the shining gems of spiritual insight scattered along your way.  They are the soul sustenance you need to grow in spirit.”