Oregon, US of A
Friday, October 25, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “It is known by now that God’s creatures are vibrational beings. Matter is just the visible manifestation of slowed-down energies. It is subjected to the planetary gravitational force so that you can remain earth-bound during your earthly sojourn.

“However, it does not mean that you are not part of real energetic circuits—many of them infused with Spirit. They are available to you, as you have a dual nature that incorporates spirit in matter.

“It is the reason why Jesus ‘encircuited’ you in the fold of His Spirit of Truth that works conjointly with the Holy Spirit of His Consort, Mother Spirit. By doing so, They assume their sacred role as your Spiritual Caregivers, keeping an open-door policy for all their children of time and space. All that it takes on your part is the heartfelt desire to ‘belong’ in their vast and faith-driven spiritual family.

“Many of you have not yet gotten in touch with the sublime reality of their spiritual nature. They focus on the material components of their existence but, sadly, do not manage their energetic quota wisely.

“You are a spirit incarnated in a body of flesh—just as Jesus was. He certainly had to provide for His material needs and those of His family and disciples. However, once this was done, He redirected His focus on their ‘soul needs,’ and still does through His far-reaching spiritual circuits.

“Dear ones, you too can act as micro-satellite dishes for the reception and broadcasting of His living Spirit. Once it fills your soul to the brim, you become functional as active relay stations for His spiritual influence. As well, you will notice a significant vibrational elevation, as, by connecting to this spiritual circuitry, you benefit from its higher spiritual voltage. No longer is your light hidden under a bushel. Instead, its brilliance pervades your auric field.”