Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk some more about Self-Mastery.  How do you gain mastery over the self?  The poster boy for such a process is the human Jesus.  Indeed, He incarnated in a visible human form to demonstrate to all generations the process of Self-Mastery.

“Even for the human Jesus, self-mastery was achieved through undergoing a very challenging obstacle course.  It is not possible to earn your degree in Self-Mastery without victoriously handling seemingly unsurmountable life’s challenges.

“Indeed, they will appear as overwhelming at first, as you small self has to approach them with faith and courage.  What you don’t master, masters you.  Think about it for a moment.  This is the fine and very real line between victory and defeat.  Defeat occurs when your weaknesses get the upper hand.  Victory is when you turn your weaknesses into strength, thus having them undergo a very real ‘conversion experience’.

“Dear ones, keep in mind that all your weaknesses are strengths lying fallow.  Just as you acquire definition in your physical body by flexing your various muscle configurations and challenging them through repetitions and, at times, painful efforts, you also need to diligently exercise your spiritual muscles.  Perseverance is the key to a successful outcome.

“Self-Mastery is acquired over time, as you have to repeatedly face similar challenges that lead you to tame and overcome once and for all your baser propensities.  An angry individual will have to learn to respond more thoughtfully to whatever situations trigger his anger.  By setting the intention to master his anger, he will be on guard and present when under attack—thus practicing mastery over such lower emotions.  You don’t become a pro without practice.

“Start looking at your life’s challenges in this manner.  Which part of you are they challenging?  Which potential positive impacts can they have on your character? This is the very real process of the glorious emergence of the hard-earned fruits of Spirit.  Over time, you will notice that former challenges are no longer felt as such and this will be proof enough that you have gained mastery over them and that they can be crossed off your bucket list.”