Oregon, US of A
Saturday, May 2, 2020

“Personality is that cosmic endowment, that phase of universal reality, which can coexist with unlimited change and at the same time retain its identity in the very presence of such changes, and forever afterward.”  [UB 130:4:6]

Teacher Uteah: “The topic of Personality Endowment caught your attention, as personality is the one constant factor in your life—your identifiable designer fragrance. As well, it is what makes your living experience an original part of the script for which the prolific Divine Author holds the copyrights.

If it were otherwise, you could never find your bearings, as you would suffer from acute, chronic psychological ‘vertigo.’ Your character defines YOU—your likes and dislikes, your propensities and disclinations, the handicaps to overcome to actualize all your talents.

On the other hand, life is never static.  “The meaning of life is its adaptability; the value of life is its progressability—even to the heights of God consciousness.” [UB 130:4:6]  What would be the ‘purpose’ of life if it amounted to a dull sequence of dead-ended events? The fact that you wonder about your particular calling points at its intelligent causation.  

Your personality make-up is the one constant in an ever-changing scenery. By being ‘true to yourself,’ you progress in your self-discovery quest and grow in experiential knowledge and wisdom—two acquisitions that nudge you forward in your progression toward the unveiling of your God-likeness.  

Your personality retains its ‘identity’—its psychological markers—amid perpetual changes. Certainly, there are glitches to work out to polish some of the hand-me-down rough areas of your persona. Those are part of the Luciferian legacy and can be disavowed, as they are not ‘set in stone.’ Life will take care of eliminating them, thus bringing your personality to the full manifestation of its resplendence.”