Friday, April 17, 2015

Spoke person:  “Dear child, as you come to realize that we are here to guide you and to love you, you become aware that we are not only feeding your mind and spirit but also tending to the expansion of your heart.  As descending beings, we are solely motivated by love – not by a sense of duty.  Our intention is to help you ascend to your own divinity.  Helping you through your life experiences to extract their meaningful content is what makes us tick. 


“Don’t you feel a great sentiment of appreciation and gratitude whenever you feel that you are making a difference in someone’s life?  We all want to make a difference and, as older beings, we are immersed in this type of spiritual activity motivated by this loving intention.


“Making a difference in some individuals’ lives and helping them expand their soul and eventually express their gratitude to the Father, is a moment of extreme bliss for those who experience the conscious birth of a soul.  It also is an amazing moment for the emerging soul as it is validated with many positive feelings such as joy, gratitude and the desire to be of service in the Grand Scheme of Things.


“Once creatures realize that they do not exist for their own sake, they start functioning at their highest potential as its target is the highest good of all and is all inclusive.  At this point, new experiences take place in their lives.  They start experiencing all the gamut of feelings connected to this new unified organism.


“From our perspective, it is nothing new as it is part of our experience.  From your perspective, it is mind expanding and heart opening as you learn to be less and less self-involved and to come in touch with your higher identity which is not longer attached to the small self  but is exponentially expanding through the collective experience of the united higher selves.  This is the magical time when all the wonderful life ingredients and spices provided by the Father are harmoniously blended in a divine recipe which brings utmost enjoyment to all.”