Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about the reality of spiritual relationships.  In this world, many of you still doubt the reality of the First Source and Center—the Divine Creator of All.  Even though their physical senses detect the intelligent and precisely detailed magnitude of their actual environment, they fail to recognize the spiritual nature of their very own being, thus restricting their human existence to the reach of their physical senses, its most tangible level.

“Yet, you are constantly bathed in spiritual realities, as you have been endowed with your very own spirit—your ability to communicate spirit-to-Spirit with the Divine, in the same manner in which you communicate spirit-to-spirit with one another.  What do I mean by that?

“You live in a ‘digital’ age, which generated an immense breakthrough in worldwide communications.  No longer do they merely occur face-to-face.  You routinely talk on the phone with people you have never met in person and get to know them through the tone of their voice, its level of vibrancy, the ideas they express, and more, thus getting a mental picture of their personality.  As well, when holding long-distance conversations with family members or friends, you pick up on their ‘frame of mind’ from the tone of their voice. 

“Why then would you doubt your ability to communicate with your celestial family?  You are equipped with the spiritual senses that enable such inter-realm communications.  Those of you who have been industrious in exploring this side of their reality will testify to it.  They set themselves out on a voyage of spiritual discovery and are returning from its various ports of call bringing back the good tidings that there indeed is a spiritual Promised Land, vast enough for all of you to emigrate therein.

“Dear ones, isn’t it time for you to lend an ear to these more enlightened souls?  They wish to entice you on the much-rewarding quest for higher meanings.  Indeed, you will come back much richer and wiser from your inner travels.  No longer will you doubt in the realities that laid previously beyond the limited horizon of your physical senses.”