Oregon, USA
Monday, November 1, 2021

Thought Adjuster: “Spiritual activation is a reality—a fact of eternal life.  Unlike physical birth, it requires active participation on your part. The formation stage of your soul occurs within the warm confines of the state-of-the-art motherly womb. After incubating there for nine months, you make your grand entrance in the spacious planetary womb for an indefinite duration until you reach your next due date, and emerge somewhere else in the vast multiverse.

Your spiritual birth parents are Christ Michael (who incarnated among you as Joshua Ben Joseph) and his holy Consort—Mother Spirit.  During your spiritual gestation, you are connected to them with an umbilical cord of sorts formed from the living substance of the Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit—a feeding tube that provides you with essential soul nutrients.

The maturation of your carnal envelope follows its natural and divinely-ordained course. It is unstoppable unless you make the irremediable and unfortunate decision to call it quits.

You may claim you did not have a say in your conception. You most certainly have one regarding your eternal survival, as you are your co-creator. As such, you need to protect and tender to the needs of your soul-child—which also involves treating its carnal abode as a sanctuary so that it can get thrive.

Your spiritual birth (or rebirth) may occur in this world—or beyond if you are a late bloomer. The sooner, the better, as it becomes your willing contribution to the cosmic welfare—your little piece of heaven that does its part to expand the kingdom of the hearts on Earth.

You will grow in self-respect in synchronicity with your spiritual developmental curve.  Life and light are indispensable for growth and enlightenment. Be like the sunflowers that keep their faces turned to the sunlight while drawing their nutrients from the fertile soil where life planted them.”