Oregon, US of A
Thursday, February 1, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “The thought came to your mind that life can be likened to one of these video games that, through focused practice and persistence, victoriously takes you from the first level of accomplishment to each subsequent one.  As you graduate from of each foundational level, you receive greater powers, thus being better equipped to tackle the upcoming greater challenges.

“Such is the process of becoming a Master—a master of your ‘self’ and a skilled emergency responder to the situations that jump in your field of vision out of a blind corner.

“What then do you need to cultivate in order to lead a successful life?  It is obvious that patience is a much-needed component.  Patience has much to do with the preservation of your inner peace, while unruly impatience is your worst adviser.

“Unwavering focus is the next prerequisite.  In competitive shooting, the athletes start with grounding themselves and slowing down their breathing and heartbeat in order to drain themselves from any hint of nervousness.  As well, they have to dispel from their mind any agents of distraction.  Perfect stillness and unwavering focus will exert a seemingly magnetic attraction toward the target.

“What is the bull’s eye of your spiritual endeavors?  How sharp of a shooter have you become?  How is your vision?  Do you need to remedy to the short-sightedness of your aspirations?  The objectives or reaching godlikeness and self-mastery will require your soul to undergo many grueling ‘multi-Athlons’, as godlikeness is multi-faceted. 

“Quitters won’t make it to the finish line of Paradise.  By constantly keeping in mind your dream destination, you will remain on track.  What matters is not in which position you cross the finish line.  What matter is that you keep going in that direction and do not allow anything to deter you from your objective.  Be stubborn about it! Persevere!  This is the type of attitude that is cheered from above, as long as your will is aligned with the Father’s long-range mark for your life.”