Oregon, US of A
Saturday, May 11, 2019

“Any religious belief which is effective in spiritualizing the believer is certain to have powerful repercussions in the social life of such a religionist.” [UB 1091:05]

Thought Adjuster:  I invite each one of you reading this message to go within and examine how your religious beliefs impact the way you live your life.  Do they effectively contribute to your ongoing spiritualization, or did they merely give you an initial boost—after which you reached a plateau in your growth?

“When your shoes get too tight, you no longer walk comfortably and even develop painful blisters.  The same applies to your spiritual wellbeing.  If your belief system stops contributing to your growth, it no longer meets your needs, and you need to examine very carefully where it is restricting you.

“Which type of beliefs are universally acknowledged as making you a better person?  The first one coming to mind is the Golden Rule to treat others as you would like to be treated.  Such a guideline is failproof and forever relevant.  It should be the backbone of any religious living and has been rightfully adopted by most of the world religions.  Yet, their adepts have not manifested peace on earth.  It is not because this ethical guideline has become obsolete, but because they have not seriously or consistently put it into action.  Only actions have the power to reform your reality.

“Forgiveness should also be part of your spiritual practices.  Here again, the keyword is ‘practice’—not just lip service. 

“The social repercussions of such altruistic demeanors would quickly make your world more user-friendly.  Instant forgiveness—as demonstrated by Jesus—nips in the bud the festering of grudges.  Love and resentment CANNOT cohabitate.  Which one are you harboring? 

“By honestly assessing your religious beliefs or the lack thereof, you will come to understand how to boot or reboot your spiritual life—the most vital facet of your livelihood, as it is the one with a promising future if you pay it the attention it deserves.  Your due diligence will introduce you to new spiritual curriculums that will increasingly reveal to you the excitement and thrill experienced by those who ingest ‘their daily spiritual bread’—being rewarded with practical personal epiphanies that help them break through new ceilings of spiritual enlightenment.”