Oregon, US of A
Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear one, as you prepare yourself to receive each morning, you are like a sound engineer or a technician, making sure that you covered all the items on your checklist in order to get the best reception possible.  It is important to go into the Stillness and to be attentive to whatever comes to your mind as it is the way Spirit will get your attention.  Isn’t it amazing that you are starting to take a very accurate dictation of what flows through your mind?

“Your mind is disengaged and you truly allow Spirit to speak to you.  It is a moment of joy for us whenever a human being starts to be able to express whatever it is that we convey to him or her.

“The more you trust in the process, the more information will be poured into your mind for you to manifest through your keyboard.  Remember when you were a little child and when you were taught at school the rudiments of the alphabet and of the writing skills.  It took a lot of practice for you to form more perfect letters and to decipher sentences.  Eventually, you became adept at it.  Without practice, no progress would have been made.

“This is why life on earth is a constant practice, a constant repetition of some situations which bring into your life new skills to master, new values to truly embody.  First, you will perceive things as being outside of you, and then you will start recognizing them as part of you through the experiential process. 

“Whatever has become yours is yours to share with others.  If it is still outside of your realm of experience, you are not the most qualified spokesperson.  It would be like describing the flavor of a fruit that you have never tasted.  It is not a reliable testimony.  However, whatever has formed you is part of your experience and has acquired weight.  The weightier your soul becomes, the more you can share of it.  Love cannot be shared if it is not stored in your heart.  Become love, become peace, and your words and testimony will be believable to others.  This is what turns a preacher into a teacher.  A teacher can demonstrate what he/she is talking about.  A preacher can only give lip service.  Actions speak louder than words.”